About Us

We met in the sandpit with our nappies on! Who would have thought that we’d come together in our 40’s, capitalizing on our very different strengths and expertise, and creating a new & meaningful chapter in our lives.

Kate’s a passionate photographer, specializing in capturing those moments that become memories far too quickly. She has an incredible ability to extract emotions & moments out of the smallest of kids. Maybe because she is still just a kid herself? Fun loving, animated, creative, determined and an all round people’s person.

Ang has had a very different career path, in marketing & product development within big corporates both locally & internationally. However, finally she can channel her experience & energy into something really meaningful & fulfilling!

Organized, energetic, optimistic and dynamic, with a flare for creating new things.

There isn’t a human being who doesn’t love remembering the good stuff in life! This couldn’t be more appropriate & relevant in these current uncertain & scary times of 2020 & 2021!

Everyone takes photographs to capture and keep people & moments alive in their memory.

However, sadly those memories stay locked away on a phone or a computer, with little opportunity to be reminded of the reason the pictures were taken in the 1stplace.


Forget Me Not is about remembering the good stuff, through different & fun mediums.

Whether it be printing your memories onto high quality photo fridge magnets, or even a magnificent coffee table book with your children’s works of art – in the form of ‘My Little Louvre’!

Our kids grow up so fast and their special art works from play school up to the end of their schooling career, are treasured creations that more often than not, end up in a messy pile in a cupboard somewhere!


Our philosophy & our products are simple ….. we want to help you to remember the good stuff!



Forgetmenot.click is passionate about ‘remembering the good stuff’!

High quality personalized photo fridge magnets, printed using a very specialized printing process. Your photographs are printed directly onto 100mm x 100mm magnets, ensuring they never peel, crack or fade.


Forgetmenot.click also specializes in capturing your kids art works into a carefully photographed and designed hard cover coffee table book. This beautiful keepsake will be treasured and appreciated for many years to come.